Ultima 600 NL, Oil-less Compressor



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The Ultima 600 Series is the newest dental unit designed specifically for veterinarians. This system is housed by a custom shell that is durable, easy to maintain and clean. The unit is mobile and fits under most standard counter tops for easy storage after use.

Ultima 600 NL with Oil-less Compressor:

System includes:

  • Enclosed housing design
  • Flat top can be used as additional working counter space for surgical instruments, tools, etc. (top edges are raised to keep round instruments from rolling off)
  • Advanced E-Type low speed with 4:1 reduction nose cone for polishing (optional 1:1 blue nose cone available for exotics and rabbit dentistry)
  • Satelec® Piezoelectric Scaler offers greater versatility from general cleanings to advanced dentistry (available with or without LED)
  • Satelec® tips: #1 Universal tip for supragingival scaling, #2 Beavertail scaling tip for heavy calculus, #10P scaling tip for shallow pockets
  • Versa LED High Speed Handpiece with swivel for greater visibility or Ultima standard push button high speed handpiece
  • 3-way Air / Water Syringe
  • Automatic handpiece selection
  • Auxiliary water port for an additional Piezoelectric Scaler
  • Dual water delivery system, one for distilled water and one for Ultra Scale™ Solution
  • Water coolant On/Off switch
  • Water adjustable flow control valve
  • Adjustable, easy to access handpiece pressure adjustments
  • Aseptic tubing for ease of cleaning
  • Power strip for extra equipment
  • 3” standard caster wheels
  • Oil-less compressor
  • 3 year warranty on dental unit, 3 year warranty on single and dual compressors, 1 year warranty on handpieces and 6 month warranty on turbines


  • 33” H x 21” D x 18” W


Base Model includes:

  • Three air lines
  • 3-way Air / Water Syringe (handpieces not included)

No Lights Model includes:

  • Low speed polisher handpiece
  • Push button high speed handpiece
  • Built-in Satelec® Piezoelectric Scaler with 3 tips
  • 3-way Air / Water Syringe

Complete Model includes:

  • Low speed polisher handpiece
  • Versa LED high speed handpiece with swivel
  • Built-in Satelec® LED Piezoelectric Scaler with 3 tips
  • 3-way Air / Water Syringe

Each dental cart includes the Ultima starter pack:

  • 10 Disposable Oscillating Prophy Angles
  • 10 cups Prophy Paste
  • Magnetic Bur Block & Cover
  • 1 bottle of Ultra Scale™ Dental Scaling Solution
  • 1 Bio Lube® (cleaner and lubricant)
  • 1 Aspirator Tip (Ultima 500 II models only)
  • 12 Burs (2 of each)
  • Tapered Fissure Bur #701, FG, 19 mm – Carbide bur
  • Tapered Fissure Bur #701L, FG, 19 mm – Carbide bur
  • Tapered Fissure Bur #702, FG, 19 mm – Carbide bur
  • Round Tip Bur #2, FG, 19 mm – Carbide bur
  • Round Tip Bur #4, FG, 19 mm – Carbide bur
  • Round Tip Bur #6, FG, 19 mm – Carbide bur
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