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About Vero
What Does
Vero Do Best?
And How We Do It?

Vero Veterinary Partners™ (Vero) delivers a distinct advantage to every veterinarian and veterinary hospital we serve. We are both digital and authentically human, and are leaders in equipment and technology.

Equipment and technology assets represent a significant investment in any veterinary hospital and the acquisition process is usually transactional. Vero takes a comprehensive, partnership approach to empower every veterinarian to optimize and manage this significant investment to help them practice safely, efficiently, and profitably.

We are veterinary equipment and technology specialists who focus on understanding the entire lifecycle and its impact, opportunities, and challenges for veterinary hospitals. Vero partners with market-leading, reputable suppliers whose mission aligns with our deep focus on our customers. We create a more transparent process for veterinarians, giving them more control. When equipment and technology assets are thoughtfully managed, it reduces risks associated with equipment and technology downtime for our customers, giving them peace of mind, and ensuring profitable operation of their hospitals.

We know each hospital is unique and every market is local; that’s why our approach isn’t a one-size-fits-all. We take our time to truly understand each customer and partner with them to help research, source, implement, service, and maintain their surgical equipment in a manner that works best for their hospital.

Vero’s seasoned leadership and dedicated account managers, along with our intuitive eCommerce platform, work together seamlessly to empower our customers to interact and engage with us easily. You’ll build strong partnerships with our trusted account managers who make it simple for you and your team to facilitate procurement, training, support, and beyond to make your hospital healthier and stronger.

We look forward to partnering with you and your team so that you focus on what’s important…delivering loving care to your patients and every pet parent.

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