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Equipment and technology represent a significant investment in any veterinary hospital and the buying process is usually transactional, and about price and warranty. We take a more comprehensive, full product cycle view to help every veterinarian optimize and manage this important investment to help them practice productively, efficiently, and profitably.

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The Amend Pet Collection and Processing Device allows any practice to create fecal microbiota transplants (FMT).
FMT capsules have great potential to help improve your pet’s intestinal microbiome and gut health with a regimen that’s easy to administer.

– Dr. Frederic Gaschen
DACVIM, DECVIM, AGAF, Professor of Small Animal Medicine, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine

Benefits of ALM

Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) for surgical and dental equipment involves a range of activities aimed at optimizing the use and value of the veterinary hospital assets while minimizing risk and ensuring staff and patient safety.  


Partnering with trusted and innovative anesthesia manufacturers to provide your hospital with a wide array of quality surgical solutions.

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