BioNova Incubator for Tuttnauer Biological Indicators



SKU: WTL198-0079.
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The BioNova is a larger reader which holds 12 indicators, this reader allows 2 simultaneous programs with 6 indicators in each program.

A biological indicator provides information on whether necessary conditions were met to kill a specified number of microorganisms for a given sterilization process, providing a level of confidence in the process. Endospores, or bacterial spores, are the microorganisms primarily used in BIs. A biological indicator is made up of a carrier material, on which bacterial spores with a defined resistance to the sterilization process have been applied. The carrier material is enclosed within a glassine vial. The BI is exposed to the sterilization process and then incubated under defined growth conditions to determine whether any spores survived the process. If no spores survive, none grow and the test is a pass. If growth is detected, the test is a fail.

Only for use with Tuttnauer Biological Indicators.


  • Optimization of incubation times
  • 2 Simultaneous programs
  • 20 Minute & 1 hour process times can be used simultaneously
  • 12 Incubation slots
  • Ease of use
  • Thermal printer
  • USB connection with free software download
  • One BI and reader can be used in both gravity and pre/post vacuum sterilizers
Additional Info


Diagnostic Product


Used with

Steam Autoclaves and H202 Plasma


Sterilization Accessories



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