Introducing Vero Veterinary Partners: Your Trusted Partner in Veterinary Surgical Equipment and Biomedical Services

San Diego, October 2023 — Vero Veterinary Partners is proud to announce its official launch as a pioneering veterinary surgical equipment and biomedical services management organization. With a comprehensive range of surgical, diagnostic, and dental solutions, combined with complementary surgical supplies, Vero Veterinary Partners is poised to transform the animal health medical equipment sector.   This innovative company brings together a wealth of expertise in veterinary medical equipment and is dedicated to collaborating with market-leading manufacturers and visionary entrepreneurs seeking to introduce animal health-specific technologies to the veterinary market. 

At Vero Veterinary Partners, we recognize the pivotal role that technology and innovation play in advancing animal healthcare. With a commitment to excellence and a vision for the future, Vero is pleased to introduce a state-of-the-art digital platform that caters to the unique needs of the veterinary community. The platform provides veterinarians and animal healthcare professionals with convenient, round-the-clock access to a user-friendly equipment and technology marketplace, enabling them to explore, purchase, and manage their medical equipment, business services, and supplies effortlessly. 

Key Highlights of Vero Veterinary Partners:

  1. Comprehensive Product Range: Vero Veterinary Partners offers an extensive and growing catalog of equipment and business services, carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of veterinary hospitals.
  2. Expertise in Veterinary Medical Equipment: Backed by a team of seasoned professionals with knowledge of veterinary medical equipment, available via phone, website, chat, and Zoom conferences.
  3. Digital Convenience: Vero’s cutting-edge digital platform allows veterinary professionals to shop for the latest equipment and supplies at their convenience, 24/7. This user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and efficient procurement process.
  4. Strategic Alliances: Vero Veterinary Partners collaborates with industry-leading suppliers and service providers who share the same commitment to enhancing the health and success of Vero’s customers.
  5. Innovation Partnership: Vero is passionate about fostering innovation in the animal health market, partnering with entrepreneurs on groundbreaking ideas and products for animal health.

Vero Veterinary understands the significant investments a veterinarian makes when it comes to purchasing and maintaining their surgical assets. Vero employs a full-service approach in how customers research, acquire, implement, maintain, and track their valuable equipment assets. 

Vero Veterinary is committed to helping veterinary hospitals thrive in an ever-evolving industry. Join us in shaping the future of animal healthcare. 

For inquiries and partnership opportunities or to explore our extensive product and business services catalog, please visit, email, or call 855-VERO-Vet (855-837-6838). 

About Vero Veterinary Partners: Vero Veterinary Partners is a leading veterinary surgical equipment and biomedical services management organization. With a vast range of surgical, diagnostic, and dental products, as well as surgical supplies, Vero Veterinary Partners is committed to driving innovation and excellence in the animal healthcare industry. The company collaborates with entrepreneurs and industry leaders to provide the best products, technologies, and services, while its digital platform offers veterinary professionals convenient access to essential equipment and supplies.   

For more information, please contact: Mark Richter,,, or   

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